XBOX ONE Charger Triangle Docking Station Stand for PS4 or XBOX ONE

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Triple Charger Docking Station Stand for Sony PS4 or XBOX ONE

1: Open the red cover,use the charging line USB plug into the for XBOX ONE host

2: the product is installed on for XBOX ONE way to handle upside down, so that the interface in the correct way into its charging slot to charge, can also give three for XBOX ONE handle simultaneous charging.

3: for XBOX ONE handle charging charge saturation, the handle of the charging indicator light turns off without charging top map display showing battery is fully charged handle.

4: for XBOX ONE can handle themselves control the charge state of the battery is not Man automatic charging, automatic power off after fully charged.

Application: Suitable for XBOX ONE /PS4
the input voltage: DC5V
the charging current: 500 mA * 2 groups
Material: ABS


wire size: USB cable 80CM meters long


1x charging stand

1x charging line